Immersive events begin here

Projection Mapping – Interactive Content – Pixel Mapping – Event Execution

Interactive custom ferris Wheel Projection Mapping

Custom made, immersive experience

Pixel LED Video Lighting

Custom built, wireless, paineless

The Immersion Company can make your dream a reality. From conception to final execution.

Immersive Events Begin Here

Projection Mapped Ceiling

Immersive, Projection Mapped Environments.

Barker Hanger, Santa Monica CA

Landscape Projection Mapping

Beautiful and captivating. Make the surrounding environment come to life

Four Seasons, Los Angeles

Projection Mapped Ceiling Video Pixel lit Walls

A winter wonderland brought to life

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

3D Ghost effects & Custom animated projections

Animated video clips projected around the movie premier.


Interactive Logo Projection

Logo for the event shatters when interacted with.


Who We Are


Engineers, Artists, Coders, creatives

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